What are the different types of hair systems?

When it comes to hair systems, there is not just one type which everyone buys. Hair systems are made of different base materials, all of which have their own benefits and disadvantages. If you prefer a natural look, you’ll likely want a specific base. If you prefer durability, you’ll want another.

Want a mix of both? That is also possible. But given that you can only really choose between a very natural looking non surgical hair replacement novi mi or a very durable one, you will likely have to compromise a bit on both if you want a combination.

Regardless of what you want, there are four main base construction types which we’ll be looking at in this blog.

1. Full Lace Hair Systems


Full lace hair systems are one of the most popular. They are made of mesh fabric or lace material which is known for being extremely natural looking and realistic. They are also known for being light and breathable. There are two main types of lace — Swiss lace and French lace. The former is more natural looking but delicate, while the latter is still natural looking, but not as much as the Swiss lace while it also boasts more durability.


The downside to lace hair systems is that they are usually more expensive and maintenance and cleaning is not easy or straight forward. They also have a rather limited lifespan.

2. Lace Front Hair Systems


If you still want a natural look but a hair system that has a longer lifespan, you can consider a lace front hair system. These systems utilize lace only in the front to provide a natural looking front hairline.


The benefit to this is that lace front systems are usually combined with other materials such as poly skin or monofilament which makes attachment easier while also adding extra durability compared to a full lace system.


The disadvantage of lace front systems, however, is they will not have a natural feel when you run your fingers through the hair as the two different materials meet. Additionally, you cannot style it as much as you would with a full lace system.

3. Poly Skin Hair Systems


Poly skin hair systems are made of polyurethane. They are one of the more popular options along with lace. This is because they can be dyed to resemble your natural skin tone and color. Additionally, they provide a natural look, especially if you go with a thinner skin hair system. However, the thinner they get, the less durable they are. Poly, in general, however, adds durability to a hair system while they also provide easy attachment options with both tape and glue.


The major drawback of skin systems are they are not breathable. This means they can be hot and heavy on the scalp, particularly if you’re an active person or one who is in a warm or tropical region.

4. Monofilament Hair Systems


Monofilament hair systems are essentially hair systems that use a monofilament silk top. This provides comfortable wearing and also contributes to making a system breathable. However, they are usually combined with lace or poly as mono threads are woven into each other, similar to a basket. The most popular combination is poly skin and mono. The downside, though, is that mono systems are not as natural looking as a result. People who want a higher hair density will also not prefer them as the hair might look too dense and unnatural.


You can learn more about mono bases below:


Understanding Hair System Base Materials: Monofilament


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