Tips on How to Care for Your Dreads

Are you thinking of getting dreadlocks or just got them?

Knotless braids are an awesome hairstyle as it gives you a unique and fashionable vibe. And, just like every part of your body, it is essential to know how to take care of your locs so that they last long and healthy. 

Maintaining your locs is crucial to prevent damage and costly hair repairs. Thus, whether you are new to locs or want to learn more about sustaining them, here are a few tips you can consider. 

How to Care for Your Hair Locs

  1. Always dry your hair. Never leave your dreads wet, as this can make them develop a smell. Instead, airdry or blow-dry your hair thoroughly to get all the moisture out of your hair. 
  2. Limit hair products and colors. While using hair products or color for locs is not harmful per se, excessive use of these can severely damage your hair because most products have toxic chemicals. 
  3. Take care of your roots. Excessive re-twisting of the roots of your hair can cause thinning or balding. To avoid this, take it easy when twisting your roots and opt for other styles that will not compromise your hair’s health. 
  4. Moisturize your locs. Moisture is critical for your locs since dry hair is more prone to brittleness and breakage.
  5. Take care of them when you sleep. To prevent your dreads from becoming crushed as you sleep, it is ideal to pull them up behind your head and against the wall as they get more fuzziness when you move around a lot on them. Moreover, it may be helpful to sleep with a satin scarf or pillowcase to avoid breakage. 

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