Layout Ideas for Your Hair Salon

Designing a hair salon can involve several aspects and perspectives. One has to study hundreds of models to stick with the one that seems perfect and ideal to them. Once the location and budgeting are concluded, you need to decide the colors, lighting, designs and layout of the salon because without the proper design, you cannot attract the target customers. So, we shall take a look at a few layout ideas that you can consider for your dream hair salon.

  • Open layout

The foremost is the open layout idea. If you happen to have a large space for the salon, you can consider the open type of layout. The best thing about having a wide space is that there are numerous design options that you can choose from. You can either go for a center salon station, or a double-sided one. With the open floor plan, one can even consider a mobile salon so that it could be used for events like workshops. 

  • The narrow layout

The narrow layout is preferred when your salon is located in the middle of a bustling city, and has a smaller space. In this case, you can consider lining the perimeter of the salon with the styling stations. There are a few ideas that can even help utilize small spaces. The narrow layout also gives you the option of leaving the middle area of the salon open. For the purpose of reception, you can install sleek desks with trendy barber chairs. Consider installing chaisea de barbier Lanvain that do not take up much space and impart your space a stylish outlook.

  • The Multiroom layout 

As the name suggests, the multiroom layout is for spaces that offer more than 2-3 rooms for the business. If your hair salon happens to have several rooms, you can assign these rooms for specific purposes or events. If you’re offering services other than hair cutting, styling, or straightening, you can dedicate each room to a service. A multiroom layout paves way for a luxurious hair salon experience. So, if you’re having a larger place, you may want to consider having a multiroom layout. 


When choosing a layout, always consider a few major aspects such as the location, space and the budget. Once the layout has been decided, the process of designing your hair salon becomes a lot easier and less time-consuming. 

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