When to schedule special themes for your wedding photo booth?

Guests of all ages are cramming into your Old Hollywood glam-themed wedding photo booth outfitted with feather boas, novelty sunglasses, and faux fur shawls. They strike exaggerated sophisticated poses and pouty faces amidst laughter. Then suddenly the props switch to cowboy hats, bandanas, and wanted signs as friends saddle up to a honky tonk soundtrack for a hillbilly hoedown hijinx. Special themed backdrops, customized props, and music transitions throughout your reception, wedding, or event add an extra layer of whimsical interactivity to the photo booth experience at key timing intervals. Read on for insights into ideal windows to schedule fun themes and keep your photo booth active all night long.

Cocktail hour kickoff

Take advantage of early photo booth access during the first hour when guests hunger for activities. Most operators arrive an hour before event start times to allow adequate setup of backdrops, props, lighting, etc. Capitalize on vendors being ready early to capture candid pre-ceremony moments as guests await the processional. Those first on-site are often family assisting with final details and appreciate fun mementos. Or tap friends tasked with ushering guests to seats by incentivizing them to guide groups over to the booth vicinity. Photos of guests mingling and finding seats also make great guestbook additions for couples to remember who supported their big day. Schedule at least 30-60 minutes of availability at the very start.

Post ceremony rush

Following confusing venue exits and room transitions after wedding vows conclude, leverage photo booth whimsy to bring everyone together again in one spot while killing time. Most receptions require 30-60 minutes for room resets from ceremony layouts to dinner seating anyway. Provide an atmospheric area for congregation and entertainment during this gap. Colorful backdrops, abundant props, and accessories give milling guests a focused activity. Having lively photo booth moments also encourages them to then flock to assigned dinner tables once open seating begins since they’re already primed for interaction. Fun first sets a celebratory tone.

Between main course and first dance

The natural timing sweet spot ideal for a quick photo booth boost is during lengthy meal transitions. While banquet staff clears salad plates and then serves cake-cutting pieces, guests risk boredom between preoccupied moments focused on food. Alleviate the gaps by sprinkling in new photo booth props exactly then to spice up the experience. Surprising guests with fresh accessories halfway through dinner or dessert keeps energy percolating. Plus, if set up near dining tables, it amuses while some finish lingering meal bites. Maximizing this transition window from 30-45 minutes means less downtime.

Photo-centric schedule teasers


Building anticipation and regular photo booth schedule promotions ensures it stays top of mind all evening. Provide social media sneak peeks via your wedding hashtag days before the event showcasing fun props and backdrops to come. During reception activities, feature periodic announcements from DJs strategically timed between key moments like first dances and toasts prompting everyone to visit the photo booth next for custom State props celebrating the groom’s alma mater. The themed teasers dial-up demand when timed before typical lulls. Photo booth prop twists and themed timing surprises instrumentally punctuate reception crescendos between expected occurances encouraging everyone to mix, mingle, and capture frameworthy memories. Take a look at

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