Know the types of footwear that are trending in 2022

Post-Covid, there have been so many trends that go missed by most of us. At times it’s hard to know what’s in trend and what is not, so you are some of the footwear trends that you should not miss at all. We have tried to make this list a little gender-friendly by including options for everyone. Along with that, these options can be worn with any type of outfit, whether casual or formal, and they’ll work like a charm. So go and buy footwear online right away!

Clogs: A few years back, nobody would consider wearing clogs for a casual dinner or brunch. These days the same style of footwear is a hot trend. It is said that this footwear has its origin in tap dancing shoes. Recently they have come back as it is easy to wear them. Plus, you also get many types of colours and digital prints on them. 

Platform Sandals: Platform sandals have always been around, but in recent times they have evolved into these chunky sole sandals that everyone loves. If you are someone who likes to buy footwear online then you should keep an eye for cross straps platform sandals. 

Dress Shoes: Many formal footwears like Oxford, Derby and Monk Straps fall under the category of dress shoes. These types of footwear are paired along with black-tie outfits. But in 2022, they add elegance when worn with any smart casual look. 

Boots: Many stylists consider boots as wardrobe-essentials. These are mainly fashion accessories that create a statement look. Right from ankle-length boots to knee-length boots, you will get a variety of footwear to buy for your party look. You can style them with cute summer dresses or even skinny jeans and tops to create an absolute casual look. 

Ornate Heels: Many luxury fashion brands have decided to gamble with their footwear collection by adding these ornate heels. At first, this trend was not welcomed by the masses, but with celebrities and fashion influencers trying them on, they have now become a famous footwear style. These are nothing but creatively made party heels. 

Mules: Mules are one of the most underrated types of footwear that goes unnoticed in the market. For someone who likes to wear comfortable footwear to work every day, mules undoubtedly remain the best choice. You will find different types of mules, with block heels or even flat flip flops like footwear too. And these can be chosen as per your dress code.

Colourful Sneakers: Sneakers and sports shoes are something that stays along for years. But with the recent footwear trends, there has been a moderation for the sneakers themselves. Many brands have started incorporating colourful design elements along with the trending chunky sole in their popularly sold sneakers.

Kitten Heels: You will find the kitten heels trend in footwear like pumps or sandals as they give it a classic touch. They have more of a vintage feel which makes them classic footwear. They are perfect for your everyday dresses and also go well with wide-legged trousers. 


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