Frequently Asked Questions On Rolex Timepieces

Rolex timepieces from Pendulum are one of the most treasured items owned by individuals. Rolex watches are an excellent investment that one can make in his lifetime, given how they can complement your personality and class. However, before you go on to buy a Rolex watch, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about them that you must know.

Rolex Watches Use What Kind Of Movements?

Rolex uses a different mechanical movement, unlike other watches. Rolex manufacturers only designed watches with spring-powered mechanical calibres. A long time back, Rolex Oyster Quartz was produced by Rolex which operated on a battery but they had stopped producing battery-operated timepieces. Nowadays, all the Rolex watches at Pendulum come either with automatic movements or manual wind movement.

Who Designs And Makes The Rolex Timepieces?

Rolex SA is the recent official corporate name for the company that manufactures and designs Rolex watches. Even in the earlier times, it was known as Rolex Watch Company. It was also called the Montreas Rolex SA before it got its present company name.

Who Are The Owners Of Rolex Watches?

The Rolex company is a subsidiary of Montres Tudor SA, another company. These companies are privately owned by a family trust known as Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. It s a charitable organization which was named after the Rolex company and was founded by Hans Wilsdorf and another man Alfred Davis.

Where Are Rolex Timepieces Made, Switzerland?

The Rolex timepieces are Swiss Made. The Rolex company was incorporated back in 1905 in London England after which the headquarters of the company was shifted to Geneva Switzerland.

Are Rolex Timepieces Good In Quality?

Rolex makes sturdy timepieces whose movements are brilliantly precise and they come with long-lasting cases.

What Are Rolex Timepieces Like?

The Rolex company designed various types of timepieces and they call can be classified as versatile opulent tool watches. The Rolex timepieces fall into different categories, but the primary categories are Sports and Classic Models. You can however also choose from the Adventure and Scientist models as well.

Some Other Models Are:

  • Aviation: There are focused and designed especially for frequent flyers, aviators, pilots and aeronauts.
  • Motorsports: These watches are meant for competitive and professional racing champions like racing car drivers.
  • Diving: The diving watches are exclusively launched for competitive swimmers, diving coaches, diving experts and individuals who participate in subaquatic activities.
  • Classic: The classic Rolex collection is perfect for formal occasions.

The Rolex watches from the Pendulum (เพนดูลัม, which is the term in Thai) are worth their value. They are extremely solid built and come with accurate precision in terms of design, movements, and so on. The Rolex timepieces are easily identifiable among luxury timepieces, given their classy and rich look.

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