Care Instructions for Colored Hair

It may require a lot of effort to maintain the health and beauty of your dyed hair. Do you really want to waste your time and resources? Before you go and get your hair dyed, think about these advices. Once you’ve mastered them, feel free to shake things up!

You Can Save Time by Washing Your Hair Less Often

The more often your hair is washed, the more color is lost. Some people worry that not washing their hair every day would make it seem greasy, yet regular washing is really harmful to colored and uncolored hair alike due to its drying effect. To maintain its color, dyed hair requires washing no more frequently than once a week, while natural hair only needs to be washed every few days.

Be Aware of the Water’s Temperature

Some colors, you may or may not know, bleed and run more quickly in hot water. The cuticles of your hair lift when exposed to heat, which is why it fades. In addition to cleaning it once a week, some experts recommend rinsing it with cold water. If you still like taking hot showers, you should protect your head with a shower helmet beforehand.

Get Rid of the Dryness and Put on Some Conditioner

Shampooing your hair less regularly than once a week might be helpful if that’s too frequent for you. Every three days or so, head straight for the conditioner. It not only cleanses, but also conditions, smoothes, and adds gloss to your hair, which may help your hair color last longer.

Shampoo Without Sulfates Should Be Used

Most shampoos include sulfates, which can reduce the vibrancy of your hair’s natural color and sheen. This is to protect the vibrancy of your hair color against sulfates, which can strip the hair of its natural oils. Shampoos may or may not include sulfate, therefore it’s important to read the labels to find out. The best way to maintain your newly styled hair is to follow the hairdresser’s advice on which shampoo to use. They may even try to sell it to you, which is much worse.

Allow Your Hair To Dry On Its Own

Heat, like the temperature of the water, dries out and dulls the color of your hair, so a hairdryer will surely have the same effect. This is an appropriate time to let your hair air dry. Be patient if the process seems slow. Only that you can keep the color you prefer for longer without compromising your health is implied.

If you frequently use a hair dryer or other heat-generating styling products like straighteners and curling irons, you may want to invest in a heat protectant. There are a variety of heat protection options available on the market; pick the one that works best for your needs. The conditioning elements found in many heat protectors help maintain hair’s moisture and shine even after repeated use.

Visit Luscious and Co. to Discuss Your Haircare Needs with a Professional Stylist.

However, your hairdresser is your best resource for learning how to maintain your new hair color. Looking for a hair salon in Fairfield, Connecticut? Luscious and Co. may have stylists on staff that are well-versed in this area.

In order to suit your demands and educate you on the finest hair care techniques, our stylists, who have years of expertise in the field, also keep up with the latest hair trends in the industry. Your hairstyle is a reflection of your unique character. Use the aforementioned advice to bring out the best in your hair.

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