What Does a Fashion PR Agency Do?

If you are a fashion industry newbie, you might wonder: What does a fashion PR agency do? In this article, we will answer this question with three case studies: Fabric PR, Amber Druce, and Elenor Lambert. These agencies have extensive experience working with brands and have worked in both the retail and in-house worlds. Their clients include fashion houses and high-end designers. Their expertise and connections enable them to achieve successful results for their clients.

Elenor Lambert

Elenor Lambert is a legendary fashion public relations executive. Born in 1918, she was a member of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and later founded her own public relations agency. She inherited her father’s promotional abilities from his job as a circus advance man and used them to promote American fashion designers. Her efforts to promote American fashion began during the 1940s, when Paris was considered the fashion capital of the world.

She was born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and moved to New York City in the 1920s, where she said, “In New York, every idea gets a hearing.” She initially wanted to be a sculptor, but instead decided to work for a publishing industry promoter. Eventually, she decided to open her own fashion PR agency and began seeking clients from the art world. Her clients included the late fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who she credits with making a profound impact on women’s fashion and style.

With her experience in the fashion world and in politics, she helped promote American fashion and artists. In 1938, Lambert organized the first fashion show in the White House and promoted American designers to high-profile public figures. Her efforts helped the fashion industry receive government funding. She worked with Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, and Truman Capote to produce the infamous Black and White Ball. The March of Dimes has a rich history of collaboration with Elenor Lambert.

With a passion for the fashion industry, she aimed to broaden the renown of American designers. She established a fashion PR agency, called the International Best Dressed List, which received widespread attention. However, the list was soon overshadowed by the “Sexiest Man Alive” issue of People magazine. Vanity Fair magazine, however, resurrected the International Best Dressed List. However, today, the Best Dressed List is likely to attract attention among friends and family of the people on it.

Eleanor Lambert is credited as the first fashion publicist in the United States. Her clients included many of the most influential designers and artists of the day, including Nettie Rosenstein and Valentina. Elenor Lambert was also instrumental in establishing the New York Fashion Week, a fashion industry event. She was a powerful force behind the scenes. While her agency did not create New York Fashion Week, it promoted many of its clients, such as the late actress Adele Simpson.

Fabric PR

Founded by Khabi Mirza in 2010, Fabric PR is a leading fashion PR agency in the UK. The company focuses on denim, tailoring, jewellery, accessories and contemporary lifestyle collections. The agency quickly established itself as a one-stop-shop for PR needs in the fashion industry. Mirza, a highly regarded strategist, has previously worked with publications including GQ, Drapers and FHM. She also has extensive contacts within the fashion industry, including senior editors and journalists.

Besides being a fashion PR agency, Fabric PR also offers internship opportunities. The internship program allows interns to take an active role in the showroom. The internship will teach them a variety of essential PR skills. Students interested in pursuing a career in fashion PR should contact Holly Mirza. In addition to internships, Fabric PR also offers a variety of other training. Its clients can expect to receive superior PR advice from this team.

The fashion industry is a rapidly changing industry, and the need for brand representatives is growing. As e-commerce has increased the number of consumers, PR agencies must ensure their work reaches a broad audience and generates positive attention. Hence, PR agencies should focus on creating exclusivity in fashion PR campaigns. Fortunately, these agencies are adept at identifying potential media contacts for fashion brands. They also create a sense of exclusivity for clients through the use of powerful imagery.

Task PR

If you are looking for a PR agency with a strong fashion and lifestyle focus, Task PR might be the right choice for you. With more than 20 years of experience, the directors at Task PR have worked with a diverse range of fashion brands and agencies, including Hardy Amies Eyewear, Joules, Thomas Sabo, Marc Cain, and Izabel. Their clients have been featured in leading fashion magazines such as ELLE and Vogue.

In fashion PR, famous people are often used to promote brands. They negotiate promotional deals with celebrities and use red carpets, video clips, and wardrobe loans to spread the word about a brand. They also work closely with digital influencers and select key individuals to benefit a brand. To be a successful PR, you must possess excellent personal skills and a high level of empathy. This is because PR professionals need to understand how important it is for consumers to be aware of a brand before they buy it.

The goal of fashion PR is to create awareness for brands by gaining exposure in the media. It can be in-house or external. In-house PR departments are responsible for preparing press product samples for clients who want to showcase their wares in print. An external fashion PR agency may be responsible for this task. Similarly, fashion PR agencies may hire in-house PR experts to manage a product launch or press day.

Amber Druce

Amber Druce, Senior Account Executive at EMERGE PR, is a rising star of the fashion PR world. The agency is home to such clients as Missy Empire, Motel Rocks and Ray-Ban. The average day for Amber Druce involves a cup of coffee and breakfast with a journalist, pitching stories to the media, writing press releases, client calls and planning launch events. The following interview was conducted with Amber Druce.

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