Tips to Have a Clean Shoe Storage Area

Have you generally longed for a spacious shoe cabinet with space for all of your shoes – however, since you have it, everything is a mess? Do you keep your shoe cabinet in an orderly fashion? Is it true that you are more inclined towards keeping your wardrobe clean rather than messing it up? 

Here are a few ideas on the most proficient methods to store your shoes and keep them slick and clean. 

While storing your late summer shoes for the colder time of year: pamper them with a proper beauty treatment before storing them. It likewise applies to winter shoes that are being put away for summer.

So, get your shoes, keep an eye on how filthy they are and clean them vigorously. Be that as it may, even clean shoes need a proper cleaning treatment now and again to eliminate old rests of shoe polish and permit new shoe care to infiltrate the material. There are three stages you ought to follow while cleaning your shoes constantly:

1 – Clean using a good quality cleaning tool for your Travis Scott X Air Jordan 1 Low’ Mocha.

2 – Care with an item suitable for the shoes’ material. For smooth leather, polish is a great option; and sensitive areas that may not be easy to clean can be treated with the help of a spray.

3 – Secure the shoes with a high-performance waterproofer to complete the treatment.

Shoe trees are essential accessories while putting away your shoes for a more extended time frame as they assist your shoes to keep up with their shape. Shoe trees are likewise significant for shoe care treatments: they smooth walking wrinkles and permit the care products to get into even the most profound wrinkles. 

Regardless of hiding away your shoes for a more drawn-out time or simply allowing them to dry overnight, shoe trees keep your shoes in shape. You should get a matching shoe tree made of foam, beech, or cedarwood straight away while buying your shoes. 

Tips to achieve a clean shoe cabinet

After their treatment, your shoes require some time and space to dry. How about you utilize this time and work a little on your clean shoe cabinet? Store your shoes in shoe boxes. 

It is simpler when you usually bring the boxes back home while purchasing new shoes; however, no issue if you don’t have boxes. Simply go to the shoe store and ask them for empty containers. Most of them will give you these boxes without any hesitation.

 Since you have boxes, take photos of each pair of shoes. Then, at that point, stick the image of your shoes to the more limited site of the pack in correspondence. Take some tissue paper and wrap the shoes freely (the shoes should, in any case, be able to breathe) and place the covered shoes in the box—it’s time to endure your perfectly tidy shoe cabinet. 


The storage area of your shoes has a significant impact on the overall health and condition of your shoes. As a result, it is always essential to maintain a clean shoe storage area for your Travis Scott X Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Mocha.’

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