Luv Sola Wood Flowers: What You Need to Know

Do Luv Sola wood flowers harm the environment despite their beautiful appearance and high-quality craftsmanship? Woody appearance, color, and eco-friendliness of the blooms are all thanks to the shola plants that they are harvested from.

Your flowers will be biodegradable if you leave them in their natural state. This is because our products contain no artificial preservatives and the shola plant is biodegradable. Your agreements will continue to function as intended until such time as you decide to terminate them.

Flowers Made of Wood Are Gentler on the Planet

Why should I care if my flowers harm the environment? The floral business, including Luv Sola, takes a lot of heat from wasting flowers, and Luv Sola is well aware of the problem. We don’t buy flowers. Therefore instead of caring for, cutting, and throwing away half of them, we utilize the Shola plant to make all of our flowers. As a result, we may reduce our costs and our impact on the natural world.

Overharvesting or eradicating native flowers to make way for cut flower production is a major challenge for the sector that grows cut flowers for bouquets. Luv Sola flowers last significantly longer than those from grocery store florists. This allows us to plan ahead, stock up on the desired wood flowers, and provide them to you at no or reduced cost.

The flowers of shola plants, which resemble wood, are more durable than those of other plants. Sola flowers, unlike traditional cut flowers, tend to deteriorate with time. Lacking additional preservatives means this process will be carried out much more slowly and reliably than with regular cut flowers.

The Wooden Flowers We Sell Are All Handcrafted

Every single one of our Luv Sola flowers is made by hand, so they all have their own distinct qualities. Rather than using a machine, we painstakingly carve each flower by hand. All of our flower bouquets are hand-made, one at a time.

To make your bouquet or arrangement with these flowers stand out from the crowd, you can use a wide choice of complementary accents. This is inevitable, given the versatility of these blooms. Luv Sola flowers are created to last and look better than real flowers. The handcrafted flowers from Luv Sola are unparalleled in these respects.

Adding Filler Flowers Gives a Bouquet More Dimension

Commonly, filler flowers are thought of as tiny versions of flower sprays. As the name implies, filler flowers are used to fill in between the more prominent flowers in a bouquet or arrangement. Because filler flowers are utilized, there are gaps between the major blossoms.

Flower arrangements benefit from using a wide range of filler flowers, each of which brings its own unique texture to the table. It’s important to keep in mind that using too many filler flowers might make an arrangement look tacky when designing floral displays. Because of this, it could appear as though space is at a premium or that the place is disorganized.

The tiny leaves of filler foliage are highly efficient in establishing harmony and order when utilized as accents. Lighten and soften a bouquet or arrangement by including plants like Setaria, which have fluffy leaves. The contrast given by the rough textures of the filler flowers, such as Protea Repens, is beneficial to the arrangement.

Dried and preserved fresh flowers are utilized as filler flowers because of their superior detail, quality, and color. Luv Sola is where you can get your hands on these faux blossoms. Their tall stature and splashes of color add visual interest to your arrangements and could be considered the showpiece of your presentation. Wooden flower arrangements benefit from filler flowers to tie everything together and ensure there are no empty spots.

At Luv Sola, you’ll find a wide choice of filler flowers, so they may be used with any kind of decor. Here is a rundown of things to think about depending on the specifics of your current endeavor.

Filler Flowers: Boho and Country Styles

Floral Buttons, also known simply as “buttons,” are a fluffy, pink variety of flower that resembles round balls. Their bases are also straw.

Similar to the floral buttons, but with a warmer golden hue, are the Billy Balls.

Phalaris has a fantastic texture and a stunning rust-colored tint. Phalaris, a type of dried grass that keeps much of its original height even after drying, is a great option for arrangements that are going for a more bohemian or rustic look.

Cared-for Caspia blooms into a soft, beautiful spray. It makes your creative and bohemian-inspired items look and feel more substantial by giving them a lofty, fluffy appearance.

Ultra-Modern Fill Flowers

The spiral eucalyptus that has been kept has taken on an especially dark hue, giving it a looming, foreboding appearance. This plant’s deep color makes it a good option for creating a sense of stability in bouquets. There’s something quite alluring about the way it tastes, smells, and feels.

A preserved Platyspermum flower is a typical choice for use as a filler flower in many different kinds of bouquets and floral arrangements. Has a dark hue and very long, narrow leaves.

The Protea Repens stands out from similar plants thanks to its angular and pointed characteristics, making it a unique addition to any garden. This comes in orange, red, or yellow as your choice of color.

Luv Sola provides its customers with a wide variety of filler flowers, including an increased supply of green filler flowers. Trust that you will be presented with the best suitable selection for finishing your purchase.

It is crucially important to give the specifics of your filler flower order the careful attention they deserve when placing your order. In addition to solitary stems, filler blooms can also emerge in clusters. The purposes of both kinds of filler flowers are the same. It’s also important to think about how tall the person is.

Do-It-Yourself Variations For Added Personalization

Hard, white, and skin-colored, the plant from which Luv Sola Flowers are derived is the same one. You can buy wooden flowers in their unfinished natural state and then use paint or fabric dye to give them a custom hue. Essential oils can also be used to add a pleasant scent by placing one or two drops on the back of each petal. It’ll take a few weeks before you need to apply more fragrance again.


Please visit our website to see if the services you need are anything we offer. Create a stunning arrangement that captures the essence of the event with the flowers you choose and some of our additional greenery or filler products. Changes can be made to the setup, so it meets your needs exactly. To learn more about our company and the services we provide, please get in touch with us right away through our website, www.luvsolaflowers.com.

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