Famous Celebrities That Wore Aesthetic Outfits

Aesthetic fashion is a vast field of sophistication and styling, which mainly encompasses components that are pleasing to the eye. Aesthetic fashion, as one might expect, is always evolving and incorporates a wider canvas. Based on their unique preferences, various people find different things aesthetic. As a result, indie, retro, soft-girl, grunge and other subcategories fall under the umbrella of aesthetic fashion.

These classifications are often style statements of particular decades like the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. While growing generations are more open-minded about embracing this form of clothing, persons belonging to former generations may also wear aesthetic outfits because it essentially entails an attractive attire to allow one to express the true essence of their personality.

Indie Aesthetic Outfits

Indie fashion, like the whole notion of ‘Indie,’ is all about independence and unique self-emancipation. Indie fashion is yet to become mainstream, and is often featured with minimalistic tones and loomed items, giving it a classic retro vibe. Checkered designer knitwear, detailed denim, and cropped or oversized styles are also popular. Bombers with cropped t-shirts and high-rise jeans, other than loose pants with fitting tops and sneakers, are all good options.

From the early days of aesthetic Indie outfits, famous celebrities have been endorsing them. The main reason is of course the sustainability of these products. Unlike fast fashion, aesthetic Indie fashion employs methods and materials which are eco-friendly. We have by now realized what grave consequences we and the upcoming generations may face if we do not find a way to control bio-waste. Indie fashion materials are biodegradable and most importantly reduce carbon emission. India is trying to decrease its carbon footprint to zero by 2070. Therefore, the initiative of aesthetic fashion is supported by eminent personalities from different sectors.

90s Aesthetic Outfits

The fashion styles of the 1990s were inevitably significant trendsetters for the upcoming decades. 90s themes like vests, tie-dye and fitted items have seized the national style by storm, even as 90s fashion has made a comeback. The reputation of major TV and political female icons like Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, as well as cinema, stars closer to home like Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Karisma Kapoor, marked the 1990s. A slip skirt with a jumper, a statement suit, and vests with high-waist jeans are all wonderful examples of 90s aesthetic fashion.

Dark Academia Aesthetic Outfits

The dark academia aesthetic is neo-classic with a romantic mood, motivated by classic literary pieces by Jane Austin, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. Darker tones such as brown, charcoal, green and black, are included in the colour palette. Turtlenecks or thick sweaters with checkered pants, tweed blazers with a splash of gold accessories are traditional dark academic clothes. This design can also be easily combined with contemporary fashion trends. 

From Hollywood superstars like Emma Stone, and Kate Winslet to contemporary Indian celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, and Katrina Kaif have been seen wearing these aesthetic outfits on multiple occasions. 

Femboy Aesthetic Outfits

The Femboy aesthetic reflects our time’s liberal norms of gender-impartial approach pertaining to clothing. It includes males and boys dressed in conventionally feminine apparel, regardless of their LGBTQ status. Gender awareness has increased in recent years, as has the obscuring of gender restrictions, which can be properly expressed and conveyed through wardrobe choices. The Femboy aesthetic enters the picture at this point. Butterfly clips, cardigans, cropped tees, paste, slip dresses and miniskirts are all examples of this aesthetic popularised by Gen Z influencers and celebrities like Jaden Smith.

This is a brief intro to the vast world of aesthetic outfits. Visit to know more about the celebrity connection of the aesthetic outfits.

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